About John Newton


John Newton is a freelance writer, journalist, novelist and teacher. As a journalist he has written for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Art of Eating, The Asian Wall Street Journal  and Slow. He was co-editor of The Sydney Morning Herald publication, The Good food Shopping Guide  and taught Writing About Food through The University of Technology Sydney. As a restaurant critic he has worked for the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide and, later,  as co-editor of Sydney Eats and Cheap Eats. His last food book was Grazing: the ramblings and recipes of a man who gets paid to eat  published by New Holland. In June of 2013 NewSouth  published A Savage history: the story of whaling in the Pacific and Southern Oceans. John has won many awards for his  writing including the Golden Ladle for Best Food Journalism in the 2005 World Food Media Awards. You can see all  of his books on Books By John Newton on this blog.

He has recently completed and submitted a Doctor of Creative Arts Thesis at the University of Technology Sydney.

13 thoughts on “About John Newton

  1. It was very nice writing for my grandmother,nellie,who had the Oceanic cafe ,Elizabeth st.in Sydney.I leave in Greece.All the best!

  2. Dear John
    I am missing P&S Fish Cafe on Pitt Street dearly, I used to work nearby back in the 80. Please give me copy of picture of the shop if you have one. With great thank you.

  3. Dear John,

    I used to be a close friend of Gus Cohen. If you send me your email address I can send you further information about him.

  4. Dear John – currently trying to connect on Linked in or otherwise get in contact with you to see if /where I can buy two copies of your signed book about the Getting of Garlic! Have lost your email address. Will buy unsigned copies from independent Australian owned retailer but just hoping signed copies are available somewhere.


  5. Are you the John Newton who wrote a piece on the Central African Republic and the relief agency CAR. If so can you tell me name ofnewspaper and date. For our archives. Edmund M Hogan SMA archives

  6. HI John,
    My name is Peter Nemes and I travelled via Mallorca (Deja) in the mid-eighties to meet with old friends Sandra and Bob Jones. Lost track of them and wonder if you are still in Mallorca and know of their whereabouts..? They had a shop in Fornalutx.. Cheers.

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